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 Bijouti-Tech can boast of having a 'Triple-A' source of inspiration


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Beauty affects us, the way love often does affect us.  Bijouti-Tech emphasizes the magic of beauty, to invalidate pollution and to re-establish the 'green quality' of our Earth.

With the industrial revolution, around 1750, we started to pollute our magnificent world. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we are able now to reduce- and finally stop pollution. My sluice invention is one of the green solutions.

Our digital evolution and global communication have made it possible for every human being to be fully aware of the enormous pollution in our world and how to change our way of dealing with the planet.  Scientific evidence  shows that we must be shameful to our blue world, the only home we have in this lethal vacuum, called universe!

Besides 'responsibility', there is another force, inviting us in a most elegant way, to take care of Mother Nature. That force is Beauty. Man loves beautiful things and is indifferent to ugly things. Bijouti-Tech emphasizes Beauty in our modern technology, a technology that polluted our world during its puberty, but now being mature and fully understanding nature's fragility, has launched a serious solution to the pollution problem.

Fortunately, Beauty is always free, never self-centered and accessible to us all. In that sense, beauty is like a magical, mystical magnet, attracting Good Actions.


From my position I want to emphasize the beauty of our technology. Beauty encourages man to lead a more balanced, peaceful life. My website is part of that effort. LOCKY SIRENS, my innovative sluice concept, is an example of technology that benefits our world, and was inspired by Beauty and Simplicity. Summer 2013 was my Locky Sirens Eureka moment. Technical information about the invention on the  sea-lock webpage.


My name is Robert C. Smit, I live and work in Heemskerk, the Netherlands. My business is fine-art, mechanical-technology and practical philosophy.

I did my philosophy study in the beautiful village of Gstaad, Switzerland, with U.G. Krishnamurti, my advaita initiator. With him I discovered the source of Beauty and Aesthetics. You might like to watch UG's portraits.

As a young boy, I worked as a draftsman in summer-holidays. When my technical drawings evolved into artistic compositions, Fine-Art became my profession.

For 26 years, technical design has stolen my heart.

Dreaming around, far beyond her dishes...

Lady Dreams - one of my 1 x 1 meter paintings

Robert presents this Bijouti-Tech website to tempt you to get RESPECT for technology

Technology + RESPECT is the beginning of CLEAN technology, one that makes our polluted world GREEN and HEALTHY again

Beauty is immaculate