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Beauty seduces your clients to choose yóur product, instead of your competitors' product.

Clients need your product. Alas, your competitor is offering the same product for the same price to the same client. To convince your client to buy yóur product, you have to bring in 'emotion'. Apart from technical specs and money, emotion can make all the difference when it comes to winning over your client to buy yóur product! Expressing the emotion of beauty is my work.


Once upon a time, one of my clients told me how one of my 3D-designs of his ceramic-burner performed kind of magic. 'Discussing important businesses with his South Korean customer, my client successively saw the expected deal evaporate. At last he showed my color-image of the sophisticated 'machine' to his client, and he was impressed enough to finally make the deal a firm reality.'

May the sound of these sparkling bubbles

prize our Bijouti-Tech deal

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Beauty makes us happy