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Bijouti-Tech presents modern technology in all her splendor

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Design Studio  Bijouti-Tech

Bijouti-Tech builds with great dedication and since more than 28 years impressive Artist-Impressions and technical-animations. Affinity with technology and a professional basis in visual arts guarantee authentic and artistic product-imaging.

My name is Robert C. Smit. I am the owner and initiator of this design studio, named  'Bijouti-Tech'.

The word Bijou means Jewel. In my experience, technology is full of 'jewels', full of Beauty. I really like to express that beauty in animations and in Artist Impressions, also of (your) technological products and projects.

This website provides  examples of  my particular kind of visualizing technology. Many of the  images were commis-sioned by Tata Steel Europe and Danieli Corus.

For more information, please contact.

It's rather easy to enjoy the beauty of a red rose. The way I visualize technical products makes it easy to enjoy the beauty of technology, whether it is a blastfurnace or a tiny nano machine.

Apart from my designwork I invented a concept for a new (sea)-lock. Even the tallest ships pass this sluice within three minutes; conventional sluices need more than an hour. You'll find all specific information plus 5 video-animations on my 'sea-lock' web-page.

Head of Dutch BAM marine lab said he liked this sluice-concept because of her elegant design and  utter simplicity.


Bijouti-Tech offers different imaging-styles. From left to right: 

• 3D-DESIGN, created from CAD files or product-photographs;

• 3D-REALITY, where 3-D design is combined with a photographed reality;

• COLOR DRAWING, a colored line drawing made of your product;

• MIXED TECHNIQUE, where different styles result in a free composition.

3D-Design of a cooling element of a blast furnace
3D-Reality - Here is a Blast Furnace, as you will never see in reality
Color-Drawing of a hotmill. This immense hall really is part of nature
MIXED TECHNIQUE - My accountant, walking safely on his own logo

Most images on this website will enlarge when clicking them

Our times are Golden

let's make our life ánd our world golden too

Robert presents this Bijouti-Tech website to tempt you to get RESPECT for technology

Technology + RESPECT is the beginning of CLEAN technology, one that makes our polluted world GREEN and HEALTHY again

Beauty has no owner