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Bijou means: Jewel   |  Bijouti sounds like: Beauty   |   Tech is: Technology


Design Studio  Bijouti-Tech

Beauty is more than simply a pretty face. Beauty expresses the subtle quality of our good technology.

And... beauty makes selling products easier.

These technical illustrations were made in commission. Every image has its own focus on the beauty aspect. Click the images to enlarge.

RESPECT FOR THE MACHINE  could be the slogan here, where BEAUTY is the starter for that attitude. That respect creates a technology that is no longer in conflict with the Nature of our Earth.

Beauty is a powerful initiator

to get things done the beautiful way...


Orchids easily draw our attention upon their beauty. Machines and other technical devices need  a little 'mascara' to exhibit their beauty. This 'make-up' could be the presentation of an artist-impression produced bij Bijouti-Tech.

Beautiful things are easily liked and loved, and treated wisely and well, initiating right actions, to save our gorgeous globe.

Technology is more than a machine

She is covered with beauty, all over

Robert presents this Bijouti-Tech website to tempt you to get RESPECT for technology

Technology + RESPECT is the beginning of CLEAN technology, one that makes our polluted world GREEN and HEALTHY again

Beauty makes us smile