Imagine, an immense globe rolls over your desk with a diameter of 1 meter. How thick do you think our atmosphere will be on that scale...? One thin mm!


Bijouti-Tech is eager to visualize the beauty of green energy


Design Studio  Bijouti-Tech

Bijouti-Tech also focuses on the visualization and animation of green energy sources. Here we have a double aspect of Beauty: the green energy  itself, and the beauty aspect of its technology!

Windmills and fermentation of biological waste are good suppliers of green energy. In the images above, both systems are visualized. In the scenes of the windmills I tried to express the clear and pure space of the sky - no longer being polluted by emissions - using pastel colors and a wide-angle perspective.


Most of my clients give me total freedom to create my compositions of their technology. In this way we get best results in the sense of authentic artist-impressions. Of course, you as my client, have all rights to suggest changes or nuances.

The digital character of the imaging proces allows fine-tuning until the very last second of the creative process. This animation shows the different qualities of blast furnace walls; the 'green' silo-composition was printed on a canvas, size 2x3 meter.

We, living people, are the ones who pollute

Let's hurry to get rid of our trash while living

Robert presents this Bijouti-Tech website to tempt you to get RESPECT for technology

Technology + RESPECT is the beginning of CLEAN technology, one that makes our polluted world GREEN and HEALTHY again

Beauty makes us peaceful